Wherever you are.
Wherever you are.
Jasmine. 16. Australia.


Beauty or brains? 

Fuck that, it’s not a dichotomy. Let’s not act like mascara glues girls eyes so shut that they can’t read a word of Dickens or solve a trig problem. Let’s talk about how no boy has ever been asked if he’d rather get his Bachelor’s or get married; no boy has ever been told that he’s too handsome to run for office. So why cover up my tits so you can take me seriously? 

Beauty or brains? I’ll take ‘em all, thanks.

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For class and sophistication, wear lace lingerie, coal black eyeliner and a posture to kill. Never slouch, and never go out looking worse than you would if your worst enemy was paying a visit (via wet-violet)

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I think I still have rain somewhere in my heart. Kelwyn Sole (via kein-08-15)

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